This blog was designed for the purpose of helping any students interested in taking the AP Enlish Literature exam or anyone else. This blog contains mainly assignments that were given to me in my english class. They can serve as study tools and as examples of what AP classes do. The material is easy to understand and I can always help with any questions. Contact me through email at tatiana161@live.com or through this blog if you have any questions. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scrapbook Schedule

This week: I plan on uploading the rest of the pictures and adding the captions to it.

Next week: I plan on trying to add the music to the video. If I have difficulty with it I will reach out to some of the students that are good with technology for help.

·         I plan on finishing the video by the end of next week or hopefully sooner.

·         I will present it on the day of our final and it will be less than 6 minutes.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Progress on Scrapbook 2.0

·         So far I have completed over four minutes on my scrapbook 2.0. I have included pictures up to about junior year in high school.

·         In the next two weeks I will have to add the music to the video and the pictures from senior year as well as my future.

·         This project will benefit others by giving them a little bit of insight into my life. It serves as a way of people getting to know where come from.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Plan for Scrapbook 2.0

Resources: Tech support from a classmate and video editing tips
Vision: I plan on making a timeline in which people can get to know me more through it. As well as make it enjoyable for them to watch it.
Mission: To make a video where my life is shown through pictures and music that represents those life moments.
Goals: I need to pick out the pictures that will properly represent my life and the changes in it. I need to scan the photos and upload them to my computer. I will need to prepare the video and add the music to it. I will have to find pictures online that represent my future the way I envision it.  
Key responsibility areas: The pictures need to be chosen and the music must be added. The video must be organized in a way that can be self-explained.
Presentation: The video will be available on my blog upon completion; it will be available for anyone interested to look at it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today I reviewed my essay and I began to write it again. I asked a couple of my peers to check it for me and tell me what to improve. I feel that the best way to imrove my essays would be to receive feed back and to just keep writting more. I also studied some of the Lit Terms because I feel that the quiz today showed me how much more I needed to study.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Reflection on unstructured learning"

This text contains both universal and specific themes for the situation. To me the theme seems to be more universal than anything because it can apply to almost anything. The theme appears to be to take advantage of everything around one. I saw that this theme applied to out English class, especially now that the AP test is approaching.

          Doctor Preston has provided a lot of resources for us. It is now up to us to take advantage of them and use them wisely. We have been more fortunate than other classes because we have had the opportunity to talk to people who know their material. Our classroom is also full of many students willing to help us for the exam.